The ramblings of a 40 something

Ramblings of a 40 something

Here we go again!!!


So here we go again.

I cannot access my tumblr account via the desktop and continuously updating via the mobile app is going to be a complete ball ache.

What I’m going to use this blog for is daily observations, stuff I’ve found on the internet and my opinions on some of the topics I find.

There are 2 things I’ll never discuss on this blog is religion and politics.

They can be a hotbed on negativity and hatred and I will not tolerate either.

Sure I can be a sour puss at the best of times, but I will never hate someone, sure I’ll dislike them and have nothing to do with them but I won’t go as far as hating someone.

So enough of the ramblings let’s get on with the blog!!!

Until the next time


Richard xxx

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Advice for accepting Facebook friend requests


Hey everyone,

It’s been a while, I thought I’d share this that I originally posted on Facebook, basically some tips on what to do with regards to Facebook friend requests.

Some Facebook tips for you especially when it comes to accepting Facebook friend requests:

1. Always check out a profile before accepting the friend request

2. If there is no image in the profile, then assume its fake, do not accept the friend request.

3. Check the content, if there are only a couple of posts or no posts at all, again be wary, it could be a fake profile.

4. If it’s a picture of a nice looking person, whether it be male or female, it could be a “clickbait” image to get you to accept their friend request. Again could be a fake profile. Check the content, if it’s just a bunch of selfies and you cannot resist the temptation to accept, then get ready for PMs (private messages) from that account, trying to flirt with you etc..

5. If you get a friend request from someone you know 100% is still on your friends list, then assume their account has been hacked and do not accept their friend request.

Yes it’s nice to try and friend everyone. In reality it’s best to be selective.

Until the next time
Richard xxx

365 Day Video Challenge



It’s a new year and I’ve set myself the most ambitious challenge I have ever made.

I’m going to be posting at least one video per day for the whole of 2017.

I have declared that 2017 is the year of video for me.

Inevitably there is going to be a crossover between personal and business as I undertake this challenge.

So check out my business blog:

I’m not expecting you to do business with me if you do decide to click that link. Just to give you fair warning there is going to be some crossover.

The 1st 2 videos are now on youtube:

The storm will pass

Whatever life throws at you the storm will pass

Happy Christmas


It’s that time of year again.

Happy Christmas to all my friends and family!!!


Until the next time


Richard xxx

Dick Pics

The scourge of the internet. This is a Dick pic but not the one you’re expecting LOL

No more business talk



No more business talk on this blog.

This is my personal blog, any business related stuff can be discussed elsewhere.

Until the next time


Richard xxx

Constructive comments only


I know this is wishful thinking on my part.

Constructive comments only are going to see the light of day.

Since I posted the entry entitled “Debts” I have had a couple of comments from someone that weren’t so constructive and the one that did get approved is the sort of comments I expect to see.

Even though I disagreed with the comment, because it was laid out in a mature manner without any profanity or hiding behind a false name I decided to approve the comment and I also replied giving my own view.

I’m not going to drag my business life into this blog as it is purely a personal blog documenting what I get up to on a daily basis and my observations.

However it doesn’t prevent me from replying to comments that do cross over from business into my personal blog.

So please keep any comments constructive, if it’s a jokey response to something funny I’ve posted then fair do’s the comment will be approved.

Until the next time


Richard xxx


It’s time to bring a dose of reality to this blog but not negativity.

Instead of battling and pleading with my creditors to give me more time to pay overdue balances. I’ve decided to let them take CCJs against me.

I’m definitely not going the bankruptcy route I decided to take in 2007.

That was a really bleak time and I was a lot weaker mentally back then.

All I’m concentrating on right now is keeping the roof over my head and food in the cupboard.

You may leave comments that I’m being irresponsible but hey your opinions won’t keep the roof over my head.

Until the next time


Richard xxx

Hair today gone tomorrow


Yes I did it again!!!

Until the next time


Richard xxx

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