I know this is wishful thinking on my part.

Constructive comments only are going to see the light of day.

Since I posted the entry entitled “Debts” I have had a couple of comments from someone that weren’t so constructive and the one that did get approved is the sort of comments I expect to see.

Even though I disagreed with the comment, because it was laid out in a mature manner without any profanity or hiding behind a false name I decided to approve the comment and I also replied giving my own view.

I’m not going to drag my business life into this blog as it is purely a personal blog documenting what I get up to on a daily basis and my observations.

However it doesn’t prevent me from replying to comments that do cross over from business into my personal blog.

So please keep any comments constructive, if it’s a jokey response to something funny I’ve posted then fair do’s the comment will be approved.

Until the next time


Richard xxx