Hey everyone,

It’s been a while, I thought I’d share this that I originally posted on Facebook, basically some tips on what to do with regards to Facebook friend requests.

Some Facebook tips for you especially when it comes to accepting Facebook friend requests:

1. Always check out a profile before accepting the friend request

2. If there is no image in the profile, then assume its fake, do not accept the friend request.

3. Check the content, if there are only a couple of posts or no posts at all, again be wary, it could be a fake profile.

4. If it’s a picture of a nice looking person, whether it be male or female, it could be a “clickbait” image to get you to accept their friend request. Again could be a fake profile. Check the content, if it’s just a bunch of selfies and you cannot resist the temptation to accept, then get ready for PMs (private messages) from that account, trying to flirt with you etc..

5. If you get a friend request from someone you know 100% is still on your friends list, then assume their account has been hacked and do not accept their friend request.

Yes it’s nice to try and friend everyone. In reality it’s best to be selective.

Until the next time
Richard xxx