Just a quickie before I head off to the night shift.

Over the past couple of days the folks behind Pokemon Go have unveiled a couple of business tie-ins one with Sprint and one with Starbucks.

Just reading through the comments, typical that 99% of the comments are complaining that they’re only tie-ing in with Starbucks in the United States.

Stop complaining about it, it’s not affecting your enjoyment of the game, the only thing it really affects is that the Starbucks in your town if it’s not based in the US, won’t become a pokestop or a gym.

Next time if you want the folks behind Pokemon Go to do a tie-in with the Starbucks etc., in your country, then go lobby them and see what they can legally do to do a tie-in in your country instead of complaining about it.

Rant over

Until the next time


Richard xxx